About Us

Eternal Diamonds Australia is an exclusive service that offers a tailored approach to buying ethically-sourced diamonds without the retail markup.

Whether you’re proposing to the love of your life or simply investing in a precious gift for yourself, buying a diamond can be a daunting process for most.

Our personalised service ensures that we get to know your unique story and diamond needs with a consultation before presenting you with a curated selection of ideal stones.

Meet our Founders

Eternal Diamonds Australia is a collaboration between engaged couple Jody Phan and Tyler Reisz.

Jody is an Australian Gemmological Association certified diamond grader with over a decade of experience as a merchant, while Tyler is an expert in people and project management as well as a men’s style influencer.

Together they are committed to helping clients gain invaluable knowledge about diamonds to ease the pressures of buying the perfect stone and fine jewellery.